Happy New Year!

With a quick movement of the clock’s minute hand, we started a New Year, leaving behind last year’s memories, both good and bad. In my case, I want to leave those bad memories far, far behind — 2012 was not a stellar year for me. But it has been a stellar year for this blog.

All the bloggers and guest bloggers gave it their usual 100%, posting informative, interesting and groundbreaking posts about Robert E. Howard, his writings and his life and times. Throughout the year, dozens of posts went up. Here are just a few of the many great posts of 2012:

Something in Seminole” by Rob Roehm

Robert E. Howard and the Issue of Racism: The African and African-American Poems – Part 4” by Barbara Barrett

The Pirates of Cross Plains” by Damon C. Sasser & Patrice Louinet

New Letter Found in Glenn Lord Effects” by Rob Roehm

The Ring of … Set?” by Keith Taylor

If Wishes were Horses — Part Three” by Keith Taylor

PulpFest 2012–The Conan Panel, the Black Circle, and My Collecting Habits” by Brian Leno

As we move into 2013, the year holds a lot of promise for another year of excellent posts.

As they did last year, today Rob and his father are driving to Texas armed with a few clues and a lot of determination to find new information on Two-Gun Bob. Hopefully the pair will strike gold and share those nuggets with us.

Additionally, Patrice has promised some surprises that will knock the socks off Howardom and Brian is getting geared up as well, armed with new topics that always make his posts so interesting. Not to be left out, Keith will finish his series on horses and has half a dozen other posts and series of posts he is working on for the New Year. And I’m sure a few guest bloggers will pop-up from time to time.

It looks to be a busy year on the blog.

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