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The Robert E. Howard Foundation is pleased to present The Collected Poetry of  Robert E. Howard. This volume collects all of Howard’s known verse (more than 700 poems), excluding only certain draft and/or variant versions of his poems which are not significantly different from published versions. It also includes the prose poems published in Etchings in Ivory, title and first line indexes, and “Barbarian Bard: The Poetry of Robert E. Howard” by Steve Eng.

This massive volume, over 800 pages, will be printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 150 individually numbered copies. Cover design is by Jim Keegan. The book is expected to ship early in 2009.

You can place a pre-order at the Foundation’s new website. But hurry, only 150 copies are being printed.

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Here is news on the latest issue of Sword & Fantasy:

Sword & Fantasy #9

The ninth issue of Sword & Fantasy is now available.  Like previous issues, #9 is 8 1/2 x 11, side-stapled, and 80 pages in length.

Features include a 6 page reprint of the Frank Frazetta comic strip “Diamonds & Pebbles” from Happy Comics #33 (Sept. 1949) in black and white (a version of this issue with the strip in full color is also available but at a higher price in a separate listing), an art portfolio by Howard Pyle, “The Accursed Wizards Land,” an original 9 page sword & sorcery comic strip by Ron Wilber, articles on H.P. Lovecraft from 1950s fanzines, “On Science Fiction and The Weird” by Seabury Quinn from the fanzine The Talisman (Summer,1950), a 5 page Roy Krenkel portfolio, plus more.

Sword & Fantasy #9 Regular Edition is $12
Sword & Fantasy #9 Deluxe Edition with Frank Frazetta comic strip in color is $20
Shipping is $7.00 priority mail or $3.00 Media Mail.
Overseas shipping to most countries is $12.00 for Global Priority Mail.

Issues #1-8 of Sword & Fantasy are still available in the eBay Store.

Payment by check, money order, or Paypal.

James Van Hise, 57754 Onaga Trail, Yucca Valley, CA  92284.

Email and Paypal

 Some of the issues have REH articles, art and related content.

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The long awaited third and final volume of REH”s letters collection is now available, covering the years 1933 until his death in June 1936.  You can find a complete list of contents here and order it here.

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After a rich, nearly forty year history, Dennis McHaney is pulling the plug on his classic Howard fanzine, The Howard Review.  Issue number 14 will be his last and features a stellar line-up:

“The Howard Collector” by Dennis McHaney, “The Robert E. Howard Poetry Collection: An Overview” by Frank Coffman, “The Best of Robert E. Howard: An Overview of the Two Volume Set” by Rusty Burke, with illustrations by Jim & Ruth Keegan, “Humorous Westerns Are Serious Business” by Rob Roehm, “Breckenridge Elkins: Robert E. Howard and Filial Piety” by Mark Finn, “Breckenridge Elkins, A Bibliography,” “Origin of Robert E. Howard’s ‘Suicide Note,’” “The Writing Table of Robert E, Howard by Paul Herman, “The Progress Vol. One, Number Two,” “Old Songs that Men Have Sung,” “Evil Deeds at Red Cougar Synopsis (Incomplete)” by Robert E. Howard, “Gunman’s Debt Synopsis, page 4” by Robert E. Howard, plus additional features and artwork.

As was the case with recent issues, this one is published via