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Jim and Ruth Keegan will illustrate “Fists of the Revolution,” the Howard story appearing the in the next issue.  This talented team have also recently illustrated the two “Best of REH” volumes for Del Rey and continue their monthly comic strip “The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob” in Dark Horse’s Conan comic.

Talented Canadian artist Jim Ordolis is creating four thrilling plates based on four of REH’s most famous horror stories.  Jim has been illustrating for many years and brings his own unique style to Howard’s work.

I’m very pleased two announce two recent additions to the already stellar line-up of contributors for issue #12:

Up and coming artist Nathan Furman, in his first TGR appearance, brings us two action-packed inside front and back covers illustrating two scenes from the Conan classic, “Xuthal of the Dusk” (aka “The Slithering Shadow”).  Look for more of Nathan’s fine work in upcoming issues.

Charles Saunders, a long-time contributor and friend of TGR, returns with his long lost Conan article, “Progeny of Conan.”  The article will be published here for the first time, was originally slated two appear in issue of Amra in the late 1970’s, but for some reason it never saw print

These two talented gentleman, along with all the other excellent writers and artists already onboard for TGR #12, it is shaping up to be the best issue yet.

Be sure and check back regularly, more details will be coming in the next few weeks.

Authors James A. Bond, J. David Spurlock, Andrew Steven and Dr. David Winiewicz have compiled a massive collection of the fantasy master’s finest work in one volume. Enter the world of Frank Frazetta with more than 800 illustrations. This is the most complete index of Frazetta artwork ever compiled, with commentary by top Frazetta experts, and dozens of rare images, including Conan, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, and more. A fantastic reference for collectors and artists, it’s also great entertainment for fans. The Definitive Reference also features essays and illustrated data that reflects on his early 1950s comics, his 1960s monster mags, Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, his major movie posters, and his revolutionary Conan paintings. Endorsed by Frazetta himself. Available from

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Robert E. Howard, The Supreme Moment: A Biography by Francis DiPietro popped up recently.  DiPietro was unheard of in Howard fandom until now, and suddenly he appears with a biography of REH, touting his non-existent Howard credentials.  At best it is a mish-mash of scattered thoughts about Howard, at worst it is borderline plagiarism (parts of the book are lifted from the material of legitimate Howard scholars). For sure, this is one Howard bio you must take with many grains of salt.

Here is the nausating blurb for the book from

He gave life to a genre, and saved death for himself. Robert Ervin Howard, author of hundreds of stories and poems, spent his days in what he perceived to be literary obscurity. He took his life on June 11, 1936 with little inkling that his works would become the standard by which all of modern fantasy and adventure writing is judged. Now you are invited to share in this bold and perceptive retelling of a life made more remarkable by its brilliant spell of self-imposed brevity.

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