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This Spring is indeed becoming a sort of revival for Charles Saunders, with a new book, the coming publication of “Progeny of Conan” in TGR 12, and now a website. Be sure and check out the site and keep up to date with Charles’ upcoming projects.

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This book explores what happened to Conan and Robert E. Howard’s work and legacy after his death. A 9 x 12 inch, all color 208 page art book detailing the history of Howard and the Cimmerian through all of the various trials and tribulations of the character; through court battles, different publishers, in comic books and in the movies, up to the present. This all color, profusely illustrated pop culture history is a must for fans of the great Pulp Magazines and of the history of 20th century adventure/fantasy literature.

This book covers the fight for the legacy of Howard, who would own Howard’s work and who would profit by divorcing the Texas writer from his most famous creation. Lots of backroom deals, backstabbing, and poorly printed fanzines.

208 pages, color, 9″ x 12″
Paperback: $29.99
Hardcover: $49.99

To be published by Hermes Press

Here is a bit of good news from Charles Saunders regarding his return to print with a Dossouye book:

My Dossouye novel is now available through Sword & Soul Media at It collects all the previously published Dossouye stories, along with a brand-new novella. These stories are sequentially arranged, similar to the way the first Imaro novel was put together.

I’m happy with the way it turned out. The release of Dossouye is the beginning of my comeback from the setback of what happened with Imaro last year. The comeback will continue when Sword & Soul publishes the remaining Imaro novels. I’m glad that the alternative of print-on-demand exists.

Looks like a great volume, with a knock-out cover!

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Like vultures picking a carcass clean, opportunistic POD publisher Dodo Press (a UK outfit) is churning out dozens of thin paperback editions consisting of two or three Public Doman Howard stories (for $10.00 a pop!), each sporting a startlingly awful cover culled from some on-line warehouse of terrible paintings that seek (unsuccessfully) to match the content of the book it covers.  Hopefully, like its namesake, these editions from this questionable publishing house will soon be extinct. I can’t imagine any serious collector wasting their money on this over-priced crap

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