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Howard has finally managed to shoehorn his way into one of the Penguin Classics books by having “Old Garfield’s Heart” appear in the S. T. Joshi edited American Supernatural Tales. While this writer believes “Pigeons From Hell” would have been a better choice, I’ll settle for what I can get at this juncture. The volume also features a number of big name masters of horror including Steven King, H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Karl Edward Wagner.

The editor, Lovecraft scholar S. T. Joshi, has made no friends in Howard fandom with his derogatory remarks about Howard’s fiction, and while he has recently made a few back-handed compliments regarding REH, he is still clueless about the greatness of Howard’s writings.

This new sketchbook features both finished illustrations and the pencil (or, in some cases it appears, ink and wash) sketches that represent various stages in their development. In addition to the illustrations for The Best of Robert E. Howard two volume Del Rey collection, the Keegans have included two splendid examples of their outstanding The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob comic strip in color, as well as a pencil version of another and a variety of character sketches. 

For fans of the Two-Gun Bob strip, as well as those unfamiliar with the Keegans’ work, the art herein will be a revelation: they are not only brilliant comic-strip artists, but formidable graphic artists and designers, drawing their inspiration herein primarily from the great German master Ludwig Hohlwein, very much in the spirit of the Golden Age of Illustration.

The sketchbook is 32 pages, with full-color covers; Price: $10.00 plus $1.60 for domestic U.S. shipping.

Outside U.S. please inquire directly with Jim Keegan at

PayPal payments should be made to

If PayPal is not an option for you, contact Jim Keegan at  to arrange a payment option.

Robert E. Howard generated an enormous volume of written works, around 3.5 million words. In his tiny room in his house in Cross Plains, REH kept a trunk to hold all his output that was still awaiting a sale, as well as works that were rejected, unfinished, something he especially wanted to save, or simply copies of early drafts that he would reuse the back of in typing up another story. At the time of his death, that trunk held literally tens of thousands of pages of material, all hand-typed by REH.

In the early 1960s, Glenn Lord obtained the contents of REH’s trunk. He had the duty, pleasure, and challenge of sorting it all out, and to begin sheparding those works into print. Hundreds of stories and poems poured forth, to see print in assorted books, magazines, and fan publications.

Ever since the publication of Glenn Lord’s The Last Celt in 1976, collectors of the works of REH have been aware of, but unable to read, more than a hundred unpublished stories and fragments. A few were published in the intervening years, but not many.

Finally, in this volume, The Last of the Trunk is being revealed. Virtually all the remaining unpublished prose will be included. While this certainly is not his most memorable or impressive work (those works are already in print), it does fill in lots of blank spaces for the scholars and collectors, and perhaps yield a little more understanding of one of the world’s greatest pulp writers.

This will be the largest REHF publication to date, at 672 pages. Hardback with dust jacket by Tom Foster. Edited and with an introduction by Patrice Louinet. Design by Dennis McHaney. Many of the works are incomplete or unfinished. Many of the complete stories are either boxing or high school papers.

You can find a complete list of the massive content here.

The price will be $53 for REHF members, $59 for non-members. Shipping costs will be posted at the website. The book should ship in November.

Pre-ordering is now available for The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard,  Volume 2: 1930-1932. This volume has over 100 letters, and is well over 500 pages. This volume attempts to collect all known REH letters written during this time span.  Several of these letters have never been published before, and many, many others have only been published in a redacted state, missing poetry, fiction, or other content. All that has been restored for this volume.

For those wishing to learn about REH, this is one of the core collections to have. REH talks politics, current events, and the occasional bohemian humor with his friends, rips into HPL over civilization v. barbarism, swaps Texas folklore with August Derleth, chats it up with editors and fans. A fascinating collection. It also includes another fine cover by Jim & Ruth Keegan.

This volume is off at the printers, and is expected to ship in late October / early November. Those who already have a copy of Volume 1, the same copy number in Volume 2 will be held for you. And of course those who have already paid for all three don’t have to do anything, they will ship as soon as they arrive.

Ordering information can found at The Foundation’s website.

The REH Foundation Press is also proud to present a new series of REH postcards. These cards were debuted at GenCon, and we believe are the first REH-specific postcards ever created. The four cards in the series have full-sized, hi-resolution reproductions of actual photos of REH on the front. The back is set up to use as a true postcard, and includes whatever quote from REH may have appeared on the
original photo. A second smaller photo also appears on the back.

These cards are 4X6 inches, and of an appropriately heavy white stock.

The front photos on the four cards include:

Beachcombers’ Argument (photo shown at left)
REH at Fort McKavett
REH Under a Banana Tree
REH Drinking Beer

These cards are 50 cents each, with a minimum purchase quantity of four. They can be mixed or matched as you please. US shipping costs are included in the price. Cards are shipped first class in an oversized envelope. Please contact The Foundation at for pricing of shipping to destinations outside the US, or if US shipping by other than first class is desired. Payment can be either by check mailed to REH Foundation Press, PO Box 251242, Plano, TX, 75025, or via PayPal to

Special thanks to Leo Grin for the hi-resolution scans used to make the cards.