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A copy of The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane recently sold for $83.00 on eBay.  This Genesis of the Wandering Star series of luxury Howard books has indeed fallen on hard times.  A few years back these were selling for $500 – $700 on eBay.  Why the drastic drop, you ask.  It’s simple, supply and demand.  With the premature demise of Wandering Star (indeed before the final Conan volume was published) and the publication of Del Rey’s trade paperback edition, suddenly everyone has a copy that wants one.  Granted, Wandering Star left us with a blueprint for the Del Rey books, but it also left us with an unfinished library of expensive books — a cardinal sin to collectors who shelled out big bucks for the series.  While it appears unlikely, I’d like to see the last Conan volume published.  The beautiful color paintings by Greg Manchess deserve to be seen in the context of the book.

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Gary Romeo makes no bones about it: he is a big de Camp aficionado. Gary recently started new group called D for de Camp that’s sure to attract both supporters and detractors of the famous Conan editor and author of numerous pastiches. Surprisingly, there is a lot of discussion on the group about Howard.  In fact, the postings over at the de Camp group are more in depth and interesting than those of the Howard groups. Please take a few minutes and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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Last year, when no one snagged enough votes to win the annual Cimmerian Lifetime Achievement Award, the rules were re-vamped, which resulted in a much different outcome this year.   In fact, just as I predicted back in a February blog entry, there  was a tie between Rusty Burke and Don Herron, so not one but two inductees joined Lonesome Glenn in the prestigious Black Circle! For a complete list of the 2006 Cimmerian Award winners and information on the latest issue of The Cimmerian, check out the website.

Not since the late 1990s has a collection of Howard stories appeared in a mass market paperback. This year will see Howard return to the paperback racks with the publication of Shadow Kingdoms and The People of the Dark, both priced at $6.99.  The publisher is Leisure Books and the books will be published in July and November.  Since this is the first two volumes in Wildside’s Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, we can assume the remaining eight volumes will follow.

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