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Well, it is only one week until Howard Days and the debut of REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #11.  Everyone is getting packed and all revved up for three days of fun in Cross Plains and the surrounding area.  Speaking of the surrounding area, while Cross Plains is in a dry county, one can drive to the next county (about twenty minutes) to stock up on Shiner Bock (The Official Beer of Howard Days) and other adult spirits.  Of course such beverages are discreetly consumed late at night at the Howard Pavilion adjacent to the Howard House and everyone remains on their best behavior.   If you can make it, head on out, if not, we’ll hoist a few in your honor!

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This publisher has quietly published its second book (the first being Skull-Face) titled The Daughter of Erlik Khan. This small, thin hardcover of one El Borak story sports a God-awful nudie green cover. No surprise since the photographer/artist (Serge Jacques) specializes in nudie French postcards. To my knowledge, these overpriced rip-offs are not sanctioned by Howard Properties and clearly go against the objectives they are trying to achieve. Details can be found at the Coming Attractions website. Clearly, it’s outrageous to ask fans to cough up $45.00 to $60.00 for one PD Howard story. Certainly no one is twisting anyone’s arm to buy this book, but fans who mindlessly buy everything Howard will certainly shell out dough for it.  This fan won’t.

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Conan vs. Conantics” was the first shot fired in the epic battle between Don Herron and L. Sprague de Camp, and sparked a war that Howard purists ultimately won.

Don’s seminal essay first appeared in his Hyperborian Age APA, and then quickly reprinted in REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #3; De Camp commented on the essay in issue #4’s letter column, with a reply in the same issue from Don.  In his rebuttal to Don, de Camp made an analogy in which he stated he was able to outrun a hippopotamus while in Africa; Don’s reply to that remark his response letter’s sign-off.

Unfortunately, I left off Don’s sign-off to his letter to save space (I only published the body of the letter). So “Yours for faster Hippos,” finally get its due as the title the latest chapbook from The Cimmerian Library.  Here are the details from Leo Grin:

Not only does this booklet reprint one of the classic Howard essays, but it offers a number of other articles written by Herron that expand on the themes begun in the original “Conan vs. Conantics.” Karl Edward Wagner comes under some scrutiny, as does Richard Tierney and his fellow pasticher David C. Smith. And of course, L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter are analyzed in that way that only Don Herron can pull off. Everyone who has seen the cover thinks this is one of the all-time great cover images, based on pure entertainment value as well as the subtext present, and I’m inclined to agree. Says It All.

Given Don’s popularity, I have doubt “Yours for faster Hippos,” will sell like proverbial hotcakes

Here is a message from David Drage posted over at The Black Coast Press Group:

I have been thinking about creating a podcast aimed at discussing REH, sword and sorcery and possibly pulp era fiction. I am fairly well read when it comes to REH (and David Gemmell, whom I consider S&S of the highest quality) but otherwise my interests lean toward SF. I have been reading quite a bit of pulp fiction recently (I am in the middle of Hardboiled Cthulhu at the moment).

I see the podcast as a relaxed mix of reviews, “in depth” articles, and possibly fiction readings (if anyone submits any). Anyway, what I want to know is, would there be enough interest in a podcast about pulp era fiction, or sword and sorcery in particular?

Secondly, as the subject is quite broad, is there anyone out there who would be interested in contributing to the show. I am looking for at least one co-host, as well as, possibly, a couple of other contributors who would be happy to read reviews, do interviews etc. As I am in the UK, an American co-host would be ideal, to broaden the appeal of the show. Also there would be a need for written contributions of both reviews and longer articles.

I am happy enough to edit and do the technical work with the sound recordings, but I would like to find someone to create and run the
website for the podcast. My web-design skills are basic at best, and I would like the website to look fairly professional.

So, what do you folks think, is there enough interest? Is there anyone interested in contributing? Is anyone already doing something similar (in which case please let me know so I can listen in on it)? If you think I should just forget it please let me know why.

Anyway, please email me if you want to get involved:

Here are David’s links: