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The 2007 Windy City Pulp and Paper Con is about a month away, May 4-May 6.  It’ll be held at the Sheraton Chicago Northwest.  The con website  has been updated and new info will continue to be posted to the Bulletin Board section of the website.  If you haven’t joined the forums, you may want to keep up to date with any changes  This year’s theme is Weird Tales and the 75th anniversary of Conan; guests are artists Ken Kelly and Gary Gianni.

If you’re planning on staying at the hotel for the con, the cut-off date for the reserved room block is 5:00 on April 5. Before that date, the hotel is holding rooms for convention attendees at the convention rate. After that date, you can still get a hotel room at but it’s at the prevailing hotel rate (which is generally about twice as much as the con rate) and is subject to their having rooms available. So if possible, book your rooms prior to 5:00 on April 5, which will save you money.

Reservations can be made by calling the hotel or calling their central reservations office at 888-627-8093.  And please remember to mention the con when booking rooms.

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Conan:  The Phenomenon, a hardcover written by Howard fan and movie buff Paul Sammon, will be released in September.  The cover will be a classic piece of Frank Frazetta’s Conan artwork.  The book will cover the history of the character from its 1932 origin to the present, including the great Frazetta covers for the Lancer editions, the history of the comics, the Schwarzenegger film, the recent revival of the comics and resurgence of Howard scholarship.

Chronicler of Cross Plains #2 contributor Rafael Kayanan has just illustrated Dark Horse’s Conan #39 and the results are stunning. Unfortunately Rafael has been too busy working on the new John Carter of Mars film to do additional illustrations for us.  Read a complete interview with Rafael here.

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Frank “The Skipper” Coffman has announced over at the REH-e-APA website that he’s cranking it up again!  Largely dormant for the past three or four years, Frank is looking for intrepid Howard scholars to contribute new electronic zines to the website.  REH-e-PA is similar to an APA, except it’s electronic instead of paper and available to everyone, not just its members.  Frank has also just started up a new blog at the website.

After several delays, Darrell Schweitzer’s  collection of Howard essays is slated for publication on June 1st.  In this volume, he presents a broad survey of the legendary author’s life, writings and cultural importance.  Contributors include Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber, L. Sprague de Camp, Poul Anderson, S.T. Joshi, Don D’Ammassa, Leo Grin, Robert Weinberg, Robert M. Price, Charles Hoffman, George Scithers, Mark Hall, Gary Romeo, Steve Tompkins, Darrell Schweitzer, Scott Connors and Howard Waldrop.  With such an illustrious line-up, this is a must have for Howard fans.  Pre-orders are being taken at

Last week I posted an item about The Whole Wide World, this week I’m looking at the old Thriller series , which went off the air 45 years ago after only two seasons (1960 – 1962).  This series drew stories from a number of writers and sources, including Weird Tales.  A lot of us have seen the “Pigeons From Hell” episode, which is recognized by fans of the series as one of the best.

“Pigeons From Hell” originally aired on June 6, 1961.  The episode starred Brandon DeWilde, Crahan Denton, David Whorf, and Ottola Nesmith.  It was directed by John Newland, and adapted for television by John Kneubuhl.  If you would like to learn more about the history of the series, you will find it here. Sadly, there is no DVD collection of the series currently available.  But if you ever come across it on late night television, don’t miss it – it is indeed a real Thriller!

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