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Be sure and check out the new re-designed REHupa website, which now includes a blog manned by Howard scholars Bill Cavalier, Morgan Holmes and Rusty Burke.  There is a wealth of information at the website and  the addition of this blog adds a whole new dimension to REHupa’s place on the web.

Even though it came and went with no notice or fanfare, it’s worth mentioning that 10 years ago this past Christmas, Dan Ireland’s fine adaptation of Novalyne Price Ellis’ memoir of her time with Robert E. Howard premiered in theaters.  The screenplay was written by one of Novalyne’s former students, Michael Scott Myers, who is a frequent guest at Howard Days. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you are in for a treat as it is readily available on DVD.  Both Vincent D’Onofrio and Renee Zellweger give amazing performances as Robert and Novalyne. You can also check out the Sony Pictures website for background and production info on the film.

There will be a new issue of The Howard Review in time for Howard Days in June, but Dennis McHaney has taken another of his famous changes in course.  Dennis is going to do the publication once a year, but it will no longer be a magazine. It will be a book. Each issue will be a theme issue. The first will be the project he  announced last year as just a regular issue, on Breck Elkins. Late in the year, Dennis is going to do a Best of Howard Review book, that is projected for December. He is waiting on a few things for the Breck volume. 

Dennis has also have done most of the work on a follow up book to World’s Greatest Pulpster, a color book on collecting Howard in the sixties and in the small press. The volume was originally going to be a black and white book, but Dennis decided it needed to be in color, especially with all those Lancer covers as full pagers. He finished up most of the work on these projects in 2006, and now he just has to spend a lot of time working in Photoshop to complete them.

Be sure and visit his storefront to view all his current publications

Originally announced for last year, but superseded by the “Isle of Eons” issue in December 2006, the contents for Vol. 3, No. 2 of The Dark Man are:

“The Influence of Joseph A. Altsheler’s Young Trailers Series on Howard’s Pictish Wilderness Fiction” by Robert M. McIlvaine

A review of The Black Stranger and Other American Tales by Ian Nichols

“Mind-forg’d Manacles? Back to School with Robert E. Howard” by Steve Tompkins

“Conan the Shakespearean/Hamlet the Barbarian” by Jeffrey Kahan

News: Contributions by Paul Herman and S. T. Joshi

The cover design is an amalgamation of mostly French NeO paperback covers, designed by Scotty Henderson. The intent was to illustrate covers with most of  the major well-known Howard characters, with their creator, and his ghost.

Plans are in the works for a group of Howard Heads to caravan down to Fort McKavett and Enchanted Rock on June 7, the day before Howard Days kicks into high gear.  These two locales were visited by Howard on his many treks around Texas and the Southwest.  Thanks to Rob Roehm and his Dad, we now know the exact spot where this picture was taken, among the ruins of the Officers Quarters in July  of 1933.  Now Howard fans who make the pilgrimage to the Fort can have a similar picture taken of themselves (Damn, I ought to look into getting the concession on this!) standing on the very spot Two-Gun stood 74 years ago.  Be sure and visit this website to get the lowdown on the history of the Fort and its location.  Even if you can’t make it this June, you can visit any time of the year and swing by Cross Plains while you are in the neighborhood.

A battle is brewing between these two grizzled veterans of Howard fandom for a Cimmerian Award. Both of them are nominees for a Black Circle Award for lifetime achievement.  Each has made huge contributions to Howard studies and if you are like me, you are on the longhorns of a dilemma.  I’ve yet to make my pick, but time is running out — the voting deadline is March 1st.  If you haven’t voted yet, and are a reader of the journal, mosey on over to The Cimmerian website, get a ballot and cast your vote for this award and the others.  My prediction: it’s going to be a dead heat — a 50/50 split.

Paul Herman’s major bibliography of REH is the most comprehensive volume of its kind to see print since Glenn Lord’s The Last Celt In 1975.  This volume has double the amount of information that was In The Last Celt, adding all the REH material published since 1973, the cut off date for Celt. Also included is a previously unpublished complete REH story “Over the Rockies In a Ford,” as well as a few “Best Of” lists by various REH scholars.  This volume will be published in both hardcover and softcover editions.

The Robert E. Howard Foundation is proud to announce the first annual Cross Plains High School Writing Competition which will give the author of the best paper related to Howard and/or Howard’s stories a scholarship of $1,000.00 toward his or her college education this fall. The paper also has a chance of being published in the scholarly journal The Dark Man.

The competition is open to papers related to Robert E. Howard and/or his works, written by seniors of Cross Plains High School who are planning on attending college in fall 2007. The 15- to 30-page paper must be written between February 1, 2007 and March 31, 2007, and submitted to the Foundation before April 7, 2007.  

Complete details can be found at the foundation’s website.

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Mark Finn’s outstanding biography of Robert E. Howard has been nominated for a Locus Award in the Best Non-Fiction category.  Be sure and vote for Mark early and often at the Locus website.

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A Rhyme of Salem Town and Other Poems, the first publishing project from The Robert E. Howard Foundation is at the the printers and is now ready for pre-order. This limited edition of the poetry collection has over one hundred poems not found in any other collection. More information, including ordering instructions, can be found at the foundation’s website.

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